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Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

Why ezCloudhotel?

Easy to use

It only takes 15 minutes to get started with ezCloudhotel. With simple, friendly and smart interface, hotel management has never been easier.

Suitable for small hotels

This is an ideal solution for hotel, hostel, b&b, vacation rental, hotel group. You can easily configure the system to fit your hotel’s specific needs.

Work any devices

ezCloudhotel can run on many devices connected to the internet e.g. desktop (Mac, PC, Linux), smartphone, tablets (iOS, Android)… More than that, we designed ezCloudhotel mobile application , which enables hoteliers to keep track of their hotels anytime, anywhere.

Cost saving

FREE installation, implementation, upgrade & support., With only $ 0,5/Room/month – cheaper than a cup of coffee- you are able to apply technology for managing your properties.

24/7 Support

ezCloudhotel provides 24/7 support. Whenever you need help with using our software, dont hesitate to contact us right away, you will receive our instant support.

Integrate many devices

The software can integrate with multiple kind of smart locks such as Obita, Adel, Hune. It can also integrate with MISA accounting software and printer, which helps simplify the hotel management.


ezCloudhotel will help you complete control over the operation of the hotel, you do not need to install multiple applications to be able to manage their property. All are encapsulated in ezCloudhotel.


Control Housekeeping

Detailed report

Connect courses

PBX Integration

Power saving


  • “The biggest way ezCloudHotel has helped is by saving us time and stress – we had troublesome process before ezCloudHotel came and solved it all. We used to manage online channels one by one and kept watching out for overbookings. Dealing with bookings was also another headache. What ezCloudHotel has done for us and its support team are worth much more than it cost.”

    Gold Ocean Nha Trang condotel – Mr. Tu
  • Before using ezCloudHotel, we often faced overbookings – as we had only 8 rooms while bookings are rapid fire everyday. We just couldn’t manage it. ezCloudHotel has been helping us to set everything in place – bookings fall perfectly on where it should be in the timeline, and our inventory is adjusted automatically. ezCloudHotel also comes with great support, it’s really a worry-free PMS

    The hotel reception staff in Asia – Da Nang
  • ezCloudHotel is the best and most easy to use among PMS at its price. Paying as it go PMS is really a wonderful choice for Homestay made by young people like us. And I have never seen such a responsive, helpful and devoted support team. Many thanks to the team!

    Nha Gio Homestay – Ms. Khanh
  • We decided to use ezCloudHotel while using two other pieces of software. Compared to two previous software, ezCloudHotel really can lighten our workload, and the info flows seamlessly between property management system and channel manager. In addition, I have an app installed in my mobile, which makes my management tasks much easier

    Mr. Hoang – Sigoong Hostel
  • We had been looking at many systems before decided to use ezCloudHotel. Only ezCloudHotel can satisfy our complex price scheme: hourly, day and night, weekly and monthly price yet maintain the simplicity for everyday use. Its interface is quite nice and friendly. Two more distinct advantages that helped ezCloudHotel win over us are its compatibility with smart door lock system and the hotel chain management. Imagine you can monitor 4 hotels only with your mobile even when you are in a tennis course, which work can be more relaxing? “

    Honey House hotel chain – Ms. Huong


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