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Performance management

ezCms combines a variety of factors such as theroom type, fees and channels to create flexible pricing. . ezCms  allows  setting  rules  yet makes profit and competitive advantage for hotels.

Optimizing occupancy level

Your room inventory will be synchronized  automatically across all online booking channels so you don’t need to manage them manually. ezCms helps you optimize occupancy level  and minimize number of empty rooms.

Circulate your inventory among channels

ezCms will pushes the your available rooms  to online channels, including,… then circulate the number of available rooms among booking channels when tcustomers’s rooms are more than the available rooms on the website.

Automatic connection information

You will spend no more than 10 minutes to change the data – just send all the information to management systems ezCms distribution channels. Channel management will implement all the remaining work to help you instead of you having to sit input manually.

Integrated with hotel management software and booking engine

Integrated with hotel management software – ezFolio and ezCloudhotel, creating a seamless connection.Customers’ booking information will be updated into  hotel management software.

Large booking website network

With a network of more than 240 online channels, your occupancy and revenue will significantly increase.

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