Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

Simplified Property Management

Advanced technology applied in the new software that boosts the management efficiency by 50% compared to the traditional methods

Total Property Management

Keep track of every property operation: Number of guest stays, revenue, reservations, room availability, check-ins, check-outs...

Complete Report System

Automatically & Immediately summarize reports and statistics of arrivals, departures, property revenue...

Multiple Extra Services

Integrate with various extra services: smart lock system, point of sales, channel manager, email marketing and mobile application

Remotely Manage your Property

Get access to the property management system via smartphone, laptop & tablet quickly; all you need is an internet connection

ezCloudhotel - The best tool that simplifies the property management!

Friendly and intuitive interface allows you to take full control of your property easily

Diversified Administration Screens

Room map interface is designed to be simple and customizable for each user with 3 viewing options: Timeline, Simple and Detailed. Thus, you can keep an eye on everything: number of guests' stay, room availability in specific time and detailed customer information by room

You can switch the room map option in just 1 click; drag left & right to view room map by time; drag up & down to view room list

Few-Clicks Reservation

Say goodbye to multiple documents or processes and say hello to the 3-clicks booking within just 1 minute to be updated in ezCloudhotel software: Enter guest information - Select room type & Click on Save

No more worries in using a complicated software. Manipulating ezCloudhotel is as easy as using Facebook

Detailed Statistical Reports

Now you can get instant access to 20+ detailed & intuitive reports, consisting all administrative and business metrics in the property. You can overview your property's status in specific times & make wise decisions

You can export these reports in various formats like Excel, PDF, Word or print online with the printer integration feature at the top right of the screen

Innovate your Management Processes today

Property Management via Mobile Application

A product customized for you to remotely manage your property via mobile application. Install mobile application ezCloudhotel Manager to: Get access to intuitive reports; View revenue & capability by date / month; Compare revenue & capability with the same period last month; Open & Stop sell rooms on 200 OTA channels

Every property operations updated in the software will be notified immediately to your ezCloudhotel Manager application. From now on you can leave your property without worrying about the business there

Hotel Chain Management

You own many properties and each of them is located in different places while you want to centrally manage them in a single system. You can do that with ezCloudhotel: just select the property in the chain and view the needed information in just 1 click

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