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Mobile App Launched Features hotel management software ezCloudhotel

Along with the development of the Internet and science and technology, especially electronic devices have made the dramatic changes and vast in many areas, making human life easier and convenient great number of. Specifically, with the portable electronic device with an Internet connection, such as smartphones, tablets … that you were able to hold the whole world in his hands and working from anywhere.
With the desire to help our customers more convenience in managing their overall property as well as to catch up with the latest technological changes, ezCloud has designed and launched our customers Mobile App for part hotel management software ezCloudhotel.
Specifically, the Mobile App ezCloudhotel, property managers can manage the overall operations of your hotel anywhere, anywhere just one portable electronic device with an internet connection . Thus, will maximize the operational management, thus helping to increase revenue and customer orders of the salary as well as giving visitors the best experience while at the hotel base.
Just register and download the application on the app store ezloudhotel of your phone as you can immediately test the interesting things that ezCloud gives you – the wonderful customers ezCloud. Baby now, let’s look over the use that you can find on the App ezCloudhotel offline:


  • Occupancy: Line graph showing monthly occupancy. Show a capacity of 2 consecutive months, may see more capacity each day and compare the monthly capacity
  • Daily payment: Payments arising in today’s hotels
  • Total visitors are in: Total visitors are staying in the hotel (Statistics of adults, children)


  • Revenue paid room: Line graph showing sales by month room, showing two consecutive months of revenue, may see more sales each day and compare the monthly revenue.


Chart Calendar Dashboad

  • Help show the situation in the hotel room used by month
  • Allow room assigned to the booking has not yet assigned place.


Distribution channel management room

  • Shows the number of rooms / number of rooms are sold on a room per month selling channels
  • Allow sync room number on all online sales channels


Express check-in

  • FIT reservations
  • FIT check
  • Noting deposit with multiple payment methods


Thus, the hope that the Vietnamese 4 offers functions are integrated in the smartphone App is EzCloudhotel won Dashboad, Chart Calendar, distribution channel management and receive reservations rooms, ezCloud customers will really feel organic utility and satisfaction.

Free trial software ezCloudhotel to experience the usefulness of the software here