Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

EzCloudhotel’s new guest management features


Receiving the support and positive feedback from our customers in the updates of the new features before, ezCloud staff continue to try constantly to help bring their software. Give the customer a richer experience and better satisfy the requirements. Accordingly, the recently added guest management feature has been added to ezCloudhotel's hotel management software, to help hotel managers easily manage delegations as well as help process interact with a The delegation has a large number of customers faster and more convenient.

Specifically, with this new guest management feature, ezCloud customers will experience a variety of functions, making their guest management much simpler, time-consuming and time-consuming. As before anymore.

First of all, the team building function helps the hotel staff to easily check the number of available rooms according to the hotel's room type and according to the client's choice, make one or more rooms, Many different stages each time the guest receives a booking.


This new feature of the ezCloudhotel also allows hotel staff to quickly search for booked teams, canceled convoys, visiting delegations and other travel groups in the hotel chain.


Next, with each new delegation, the system will allow hotel staff to save a lot of time with simple operations such as:

  • Print reservation for the delegation
  • Cancel the entire delegation has set
  • Set color to easily distinguish delegations
  • Fast assignment for the whole delegation
  • Checkin quickly the whole room in the delegation
  • Quick Checkout of the whole room in the delegation
  • Discount for the whole delegation
  • Quick change day – day of the delegation
  • Cancel one or more rooms in the delegation
  • Price adjustment for the whole delegation
  • Unassign the room
  • Quickly adjust the number of guests in the room
  • Make breakfast for the delegation
  • Remove one or more rooms from the group
  • Join the delegation together
  • Add a room to the delegation or put a new room in the delegation


In addition, the ezCloudhotel's delegate function is incorporated in the ezCloudhotel's guest function. This feature will allow you to view the team invoice in the form of simple or detailed information according to the requirements of the customer as well as support printing the payment receipt of the whole delegation.


Last but not least, the hotel staff will be able to get the full support for quick payments for all the rooms in the delegation as well as dividing the payment in different ways. Specifically, depending on the requirements of customers, the money will be divided in order of priority, or equally divided into all rooms or divided according to customer requirements.


We hope that with this new guest feature, ezCloudhotel can provide maximum support to staff as well as hotel managers in managing their guests in particular and overall management of the whole hotel in general. For hotel management is easier than ever.

7 day free trial to experience the usefulness of the software here: ezCloudotel hotel management software