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A leading cloud platform at your fingertips

All-in-one Property Management

As a cloud-based system, ezCloudhotel allows you to keep an eye on everything, at anywhere, with just your laptop or smartphone. All transactions happen in your property will be sent to your phone immediately. Furthermore, our reports give you a clear view of your properties, including revenue, payment, house keeping, check-ins, check-outs and so much more

Boost your occupancy up to 25%

Connect directly to over 200 Online Channels (OTAs), up-sell as many rooms as possible in the best global booking sites. Now you can boost your property revenue without any concern of overbooking since our channel manager synchronizes live rate and room availability to all connected OTAs

Easily interact with your guests with our Email Marketing system: Automatically send booking confirmation, customer care on birthday, property services advertisements or promotions... Various email templates are ready to help you offer extra services and process your customer care in a smart way

Enhance financial security

Sometimes the money you collect at the end of the day and the amount guests actually pay have a huge difference. Why? Mistakes, or in worse case, dishonest employees. We help you to mitigate such losses by providing smart lock system and electricity integration to help align guest stay with check in and check out time in the PMS, and manage all the purchased items with POS connected.

Comprehensive yet simplified property management system

ezCloudhotel is packed with value-adding features to help you run your property easily.

Booking Operation

Hotel Website
Booking Engine

Mobile Application

House Keeping

Point of Sales

Property Chain Management

Report System

Email Marketing

Front Office

Channel Manager

  • Booking Operation
  • Report System
  • Point of Sales
  • Channel Manager
  • House Keeping
  • Mobile Application
  • Front Office
  • Email Marketing
  • Property Chain Management
  • Hotel Website
    Booking Engine

ezCloudhotel Manager – Smart Mobile App for remote management

Keep track of everything in your property when you’re far away

Create reservation in one click

Intuitive reports anytime, anywhere

Essential metrics

Real-time notification

Easily adjust OTA allotment

Property chain monitoring

Channel Manager

All your distribution channels will be taken care by our channel manager. Boost your revenue by 35% without any worry of overbooking, and reduce workload by 40% compared to the use of documents or excel, all thanks to the live synchronization of our room-selling system.

Email Marketing

An easy tool to drive your guest loyalty and satisfaction. This module is proven to significantly increase the rate of services and facility utilization in your property: Send booking confirmation email, happy birthday email, property service advertisements and so much more in just a few clicks.

Point of Sales

Up-selling and managing your Minibars can never be easier: Keep track of every transaction on-the-go with mobile app notification; Ultimate losses control with changelog reporting deleted items & other staffs activities. An easy-to-use feature that you can get your staff selling goods & services in no time.

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Manage property totally, sell rooms globally
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Manage property totally, sell rooms globally and connect multiple external devices