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Save time, more channels, more guests

ezCms is a smart system that synchronize your inventory to hundreds of global external channels. Replacing other manual methods, taking your online distribution channels with care, this solution is guaranteed to boost your sales efficiency by 35%

Quick Sales

No need to take care of your property’s online distribution channels. With ezCms, you can sell all your available rooms on more than 200 online room sales channels with just a few clicks

Live Synchronization

Real-time & two-way updates among your room sales channels and the property management system. When there is a booking pushed from any OTA, the channel manager will automatically reduce the inventory in the property management system and other OTAs

Smart Rate Control

Control your room rates has never been easier. Bulk or part rates update in multiple channels for your choices. Freely compare your own rates with those of competitors. Easily setup last-minute and other promotions in seasonal time.

Instantaneous Inventory Update

An amazing tool for control room inventory and updates. No more fear of Overbooking, Double-booking or revenue cannot be maximized since our channel manager can do it on your behalf

Seamless Operation System

All you can think of a smart channel manager is already here. Save time, save human costs and avoid overbooking, ezCms is ready to reform your workday

Nice and neat interface

Manage your rates, availability, and restrictions in one single platform. Settings are easy . Report systems and Availability matrix give insights by room type in a customizable timeline.

Simple yet powerful moble application

And completely FREE

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