FAQS - Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

While using the demo, can I still have technical support?

Demo accounts are fully supported by our staffs. We provide 24/7 support via customer-care call center 19006159 or online chat system integrated with the browser-based software; thus, customers can have their questions be answered any time.

How to officially use ezCloudhotel software?

After the 7 days of free trial, our staffs will contact you via the registered phone number. We will guide you on signing contract and making payment. After the payment, ezCloudhotel will issue an invoice in accordance with the information you provide in the contract.

Why ezCloudhotel charges by the number of rooms?

We understand that the scale and level of a property is determined by the number of rooms so our pricing is based on that number declared on the system. Your monthly fee will change automatically and accordingly when you change the number of rooms on the software. For more details, please take a look at “Payment” in the software interface.

Is my data safe?

ezCloudhotel protects users’ information by https:// security protocol and the 256-bit encryption, leaving no worries for user when inputting confidential information into the software. All data is stored on Microsoft Azure server, ensuring the highest level of security.

What if the internet connection is lost?

The internet dropouts will occur frequently if your network connection is not. In this case, you can use 3G USB or any mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, tablet with 3G internet connection … to connect to ezCloudhotel software. We have already customized the interface so that it can display perfectly on all size of screens.

Is ezCloudHotel free for education?

We promise to support the development of education so that teachers who want to use ezCloudhotel as a teaching tool will be offered a free account. Simply signup with your institution’s email address.

Who can get access to my data?

You are the owner of the data stored in your account. We keep everything safe in the data center Microsoft Azure, the top highest reliable server in the world with up-to-date multiple backups.

How long is the subscription period?

There is no lock-in contract with ezCloudhotel. You can easily choose a subscription plan that suits your need and pay as you go: 1 month, 3 months or 2 years.

Which languages are available?

ezCloudhotel is available in English and Vietnamese. Switching between languages is quite quick and simple. Each user has his/her own private account and is allowed to choose the preferred language.

Is ezCloudHotel affordable?

Using ezCloudhotel means no longer printouts. A 20-room hotel prints on average 30’000 pages per year, that saved amount can easily be used to fully pay for your ezCloudHotel subscription.

ezCloudHotel is compatible with which devices?

ezCloudhotel can be used on any interface: computer, laptop (Mac, PC, Linux) and smartphone (iOS, Android) as long as you are connected to the Internet.

How many users can I have ?

The number of users is unlimited in your ezCloudhotel account. In addition, you can define different access levels and roles following to your permission.

How to use?

All you need to do is click on the “sign up” and follow our instruction. You will be granted full access to the cloud-based software which you would use to manage your hotel. You can log in with your Gmail or Facebook account.

How long is the training?

You will be able to get started with ezCloudHotel in just a few hours: complete the setup and training. We have experts in hospitality operations to support you during the training.