Front Desk System - Property Management System for Medium & Small Hotels - ezCloudhotel

Hotel management software ezCloudhotel

One Intuitive and Easy-to-use System

Manage every aspect of your property in a few clicks

All-in-one Management

Reservation, Rates, Inventory, Services, Reports, Guests, Housekeeping... Everything you need to run your property in no sweat

Live Report System

Give you a clear overview of your property with real-time reports: Reservations, Housekeeping, Check-ins, Check-outs, Revenue

Value-adding Integrations

Up-to-date extensions are ready to serve your needs: Smart lock system, Point of Sales, Channel Manager, Email Marketing & Mobile Application

Access anywhere, anytime

No need to stay at your reception desk since you can log in the system via smartphone, laptop or tablet; all you need is an internet connection

ezCloudhotel - a simple way to manage your property with ease

A suit of software that reform your daily tasks & allow you to take full control of the property

Intuitive Calendar

Visually present your room map in 3 display options: Timeline, Simple and Detailed. You can keep track of room inventory & guest stay in specific time, having a hawk-eyed view of everything happens in your property, room-by-room, day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

Simply allow you to operate from one single platform: Easily drag & drop guests to new room or date, Add extra services & Minibar, fast check-in & check-out, change rates & guest details...

One-Click Reservation

Say goodbye to multiple documents or processes and say hello to a fast and easy reservation process within just 1 minute: Enter guest information, select room type & click on save

Take complicatedness out of managing your property. Manipulating ezCloudhotel is as easy as using Facebook

Intuitive Reports

Instant access to 30+ detailed reports, create reports in-browser, export in Excel, PDF or Print Online. Get an overview of administrative and business situation in your property: Reservations, Audit, Expenditure, Housekeeping, Front Office, Back Office, and more. Now you can spend less time managing paperwork and more time taking wise decisions.

Innovate your Management Processes

Manage your Property On-the-go

Keep track of your property anytime, anywhere with our mobile application ezCloudhotel Manager. Get access to intuitive reports; View revenue & capability by date/ month; Reservation in one click; Open & Stop sell rooms on 200 OTA channels, and so much more

So long as you are connected to the Internet, everything updated in the software will be notified immediately to the mobile application. From now on you are given an unparalleled access in managing without your physical presence at your property

Property Chain Management

Managing multiple properties in a chain has never been easier with ezCloudhotel. Easily manage your chain in a single system: select the property and get access to the needed information in just 1 click

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