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31/03/2018 03:26:22

ezCloud introduces booking features on facebook

In recent years, Internet development has brought many conveniences in life. In particular, the emergence and development of global social networks such as Skype, Inscript, Twitter … especially Facebook not only help connect people around…

31/03/2018 03:22:31

ezCloud teamed up with Mobifone in a new project

The role of marketing in general in the travel and tourism business, in particular, plays an increasingly important role in attracting customers with increased profits. So, along with the development of science and technology, more…

31/03/2018 03:19:45

ezCloud participation Conference “Hue and innovative Debut 2016”

As a start-up businesses in the field of hotel management software and increasingly accomplishing remarkable success, the leadership and staff ezCloud not only trying to improve and develop our products better but also contribute a…

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31/03/2018 03:06:28

How does ezCloudhotel manage hotel software?

An application developed in a separate operating environment with a separate installer that provides users with additional functions for managing the hotel, from guest room payments, check-in. check-out to management of expenses, strict control of…

31/03/2018 03:04:16

ezCloudhotel: Bring 5 star management model applied to small hotels Vietnam

ezCloudhotel as hotel management software uses technology “Cloud computing” is used on all modern devices like tablets, smartphones. The software is also connected to the prevention of global distribution channels such as SiteMinder, STAAH to…

31/03/2018 03:01:13

ezFolio – The only hotel software in Vietnam that connects to SiteMinder

EzCloud Global Technology Joint Stock Company is the overall solution provider for hotel management, with achievements such as the Sao Khue Award 2012, representing Vietnam at the Seedstars World 2016 Conference. in Switzerland. EzCloud was…